Each week, the Cummer Museum offers several events. Browse the calendar to see what is happening today, as well as in the coming weeks and months. To register for programs, please call 904.356.6857

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Reserve your spot for admission to the Cummer Museum. To minimize touch points and monitor onsite capacity, all visitors are encouraged to reserve tickets online in advance of their visit. Tickets can be purchased by clicking below.

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Your attendance at the Cummer Museum grants the Museum permission to display and/or publish any photographs in which you appear. These photographs may be used in any and all of the Cummer Museum publications and media. If you wish to not be photographed please mention this to a Visitor Experience team member upon entry to the Museum.


 With indoor and outdoor venue space, as well as an on-site caterer, the Cummer Museum is an ideal location for weddings, corporate events, and other celebratory gatherings.

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