The Art of Well-Being

Brenda Schwend, Callahan, FL
"Essence of Being"
Oil on canvas

Friday, April 7, 2023 to Sunday, June 18, 2023

For centuries, art has paved the way to connect with our inner self, to universally and inclusively allow us to communicate our feelings and emotions. It can also nurture physical and emotional healing and wellbeing. Whether it is through the beauty and serenity found in nature, the music we hear in our mind’s ear, or the empowerment received through visual artistic expression, art can be a personal sanctuary from life’s realities.

Arts4All Florida, in partnership with the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, proudly presents Reflections: The Art of Wellbeing, an exhibition of works created by Florida artists of all abilities, including individuals who may confront physical, social, or emotional challenges. Reflecting on notions of wellbeing, the artists explore themes of beauty, belonging, tranquility, joy, passion, self-expression, inspiration, and empowerment. We hope you enjoy these works.

Arts4All Florida’s mission is to provide, support, and champion arts education and cultural experiences by and for people with disabilities. Partnerships, such as this exhibition with the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens build the foundation for universally inclusive and equitable arts and cultural programs. For information, visit Arts4All Florida thanks the National Endowment for the Arts and the Florida Department of State Division of Arts and Culture for supporting this exhibition.

To purchase any of the artwork shown, please contact Sandy Sroka at