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Cummer Beaches

Cummer Beaches
The mission of Cummer Beaches is to increase awareness, support and membership for the Cummer Museum from the Beaches communities.
Membership to Cummer Beaches is FREE. Enjoy activities, such as:
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Cummer Beaches
Diane DeMell Jacobsen, Ph.D.

The Cummer Beaches Art Book Club (CBABC) is meeting every other month between September and May. All members of Cummer Beaches are welcome to participate; there is no attendance fee. Observing CDC recommendations during Covid-19, we meet outdoors on the patio of a CBABC member. Currently, in preparation for garden month, we are reading and will be discussing Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmstead by Justin Martin. Previous discussions include Visual Intelligence by Amy E. Herman and A Summer of Hummingbirds by Christopher Benfley. We select our readings in conjunction with current or upcoming exhibitions at the Cummer Museum.

For additional information please contact: Gabriele Van Zon at 904-608-0906 or