Chasing Shadows:

David Ponsler

David Ponsler, Chasing Shadows Series: His Closure, 2016, Forged and fabricated steel

David Ponsler (American, b. 1961), Chasing Shadows Series: His Closure, 2016, forged and fabricated steel, 96 x 26 x 30 in., On loan from the Artist.  


David Ponsler: The Trials & The Burns

The Cummer Museum thanks cinematographer Joe Karably for generously providing the documentaries on artist David Ponsler.


David Ponsler: Cummer Museum Exhibit Visuals

Saturday, November 5, 2016 to Sunday, October 15, 2017

“I’m a blacksmith, a metalworker”.

A Jacksonville native, David Ponsler (b. 1961) learned the trade of metalworking in his father’s shop. By his early teens, he had joined the family business (Wonderland Products, founded in 1950) where he spent 25 years designing and crafting objects and architectural elements in wrought iron, steel, bronze, and copper. He eventually set up his own studio in 2004, near the Cummer Museum, in what used to be a police precinct and jail.
While Ponsler continues to produce functional objects (railings, gates, staircases, and archways like the one in Stockton Park, Ortega), his artistic activity has grown steadily. Unlike his carefully planned out architectural work, his sculptures allow for a more spontaneous creative process. However, drawings and small-scale models are still sometimes created to flesh out an initial idea, as was the case for the sculptures in the Chasing Shadows series. But whatever piece he is working on, for whatever purpose, Ponsler seeks to bring out an elegance of form to an otherwise rigid and resistant material.