“Conservation, Beautification, and a City Plan”:

Ninah Cummer and the Beautification of Jacksonville

Unknown photographer, Easter Service at Memorial Park – Jacksonville, Florida, 1947, black and white photo print, 4 x 5 in., Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015 to Sunday, November 27, 2016

As Chair of the Park Advisory Committee for the City Commission of Jacksonville (1926-29), Ninah Cummer was actively involved in plans for the beautification of Jacksonville. Using materials from the Cummer Museum, the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Historical Society, and University of North Florida, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Special Collections and Archives, among others, this exhibition celebrates Ninah Cummer’s impact. In her own words, “It matters not where we meet the word – Parque, Plaza, Piazza, Garten, or Park – we know at once that it is presumably a lovely spot intended to add to the happiness of the community.” (“Possibilities for Parks and Gardens,” November 1934)

Quote in title taken from a letter by Mrs. Cummer to Mr. Klutho, May 21, 1927.