Chip Southworth

There is a thin gray line that separates the dark past and the hope that the present has brought. Our nation, while yearning for equality, still has one foot firmly planted in the hate of yesteryear. Like James Weldon Johnson I consider myself an activist as much as an artist… I have always felt a sense of white guilt and burden of entitlement, so my work seeks to use my voice to sing as loudly as I can for those who have had their rights limited or taken away. Having three sons of similar age to these slain children… Portraits of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Tamir Rice are my tears for the blood of the slaughtered. A precious life, a 12-year old child playing in a park with a toy gun by himself… shot to death by police seconds after arrival… shot for loud music… for wearing a hoodie. The Harmonies of Liberty are not ringing for all. Justice is blind, but she has an incredible sense of color.

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