Cummer Amelia encourages interest in and support of the visual arts, through social and educational programs in Nassau County and at the Museum, striving to promote the Museum's mission and cultural significance in the community.

Members participate in various activities that connect them with other art and garden enthusiasts in the Nassau County area. Cummer Amelia focuses their fundraising efforts on providing school tours to the Museum, and art supplies for students in Nassau County.

Cummer Amelia enjoys activities such as:

  • Art Talks on Amelia Island
  • Fundraising events to provide school tours to the Museum for students in Nassau County
  • Lectures, luncheons, and tours offered at the Cummer Museum
  • Cummer Beaches partner events
  • Art Lecture series on Amelia Island 

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  • Pat Hayden - President
  • Jane Bailey
  • Jane Brown
  • Deborah Bunner
  • Becky Grimes
  • Sandy Henning
  • Barbara Hopkins
  • Cindy Jackson
  • Diane O’Malley
  • Pat Panella
  • Judy Pillans
  • Jane Quinby
  • Lynda Rajfer
  • Debbie Williams