Iconoclasm Lecture Series: Egyptian Iconoclasm

February 4, 2020
7 to 8 P.M.


Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt explores ritual image destruction in a culture very different from our own; and yet, the exhibition reminds us that societies across time and space have had to grapple with sculptures that evoked negative sentiment.  This lecture series explores historical examples of iconoclasm to help provide context for conversations occurring today around the disposition of confederate monuments.  Join Director and CEO Adam Levine, Ph.D. for a four part lectures that will explore Egyptian, Byzantine, Reformation, and Secular Iconoclasm, followed by a culminating charrette that will allow participants, invoking lessons learned from history, to delve into Jacksonville’s controversial memorials and the eras in which they were established. Only those who attend at least two lectures can participate in the charrette.