Elevating Voices for Healing - Art as a System of Support

November 15, 2022
6 to 7 P.M.

Elevating Voices for Healing- Art as a System of Support

A panel discussion with the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center


Stress, violence, homelessness, and adultification are a few of the traumas facing young people in our communities – especially Black and brown girls. The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center’s See the Girl Monologues program uses artistic expression through spoken word to bring awareness and promote deeper understanding, allyship, and respect for the unheard voices of young people. Similarly, in her exhibition Deborah Roberts: Im, the artist focuses her mixed media collage works on the most vulnerable members of our population, investigating how societal pressures and social constructs such as beauty, body, race, and identity, impact the experiences of Black children growing up in our country.  


Join panelists from the Weaver Policy Center to explore how the arts not only serve as a platform for sharing the stories of young people, but how they also help create a system of care, help them respond to trauma, and, ultimately, help them thrive.


Presented thanks to support from the Emily Balz Smith Foundation.


Members: $5 Non-members: $10 


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